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A PDF guide to painting with oils.

If you're new to paintings or want to learn about oil paints in more depth, this easy to use guide holds tips for the materials you need, to the techniques to try.

Katy Jade Dobson has included her own self-taught techniques and approaches from her own practice and what she learnt along the way.

Welcome to the artwork of Katy Jade Dobson

Find out here how to work with Katy on brand collaborations, sponsorships or guest writing/blogging. With her large readership of art and nature enthusiasts, Katy relates through her social media platforms, blog and emails in thoughtful musings of how-to and art creation as well as her plight to become environmentally friendly due to her passions on wildlife and there fast diminishing environment. If you are an art materials brand, or a sustainable living brand with products that you would like the share to a n engaged and passionate audience, click here to contact Katy directly.



A 224 page hardback book of over 2 years in the making, is finally available as a hardback copy and a boxed Limited Edition copy with a Limited Edition print. Beautifully designed, this collection of collections has gathered most of Katy’s best artwork to date. Lavish oil paints and a plethora of colour adorn each page with chapters thoughtfully introduced by Katy herself.

‘Phophenes’ - The Book

Introducing ‘Phosphenes’ - a hardback coffee table book gathering each of Katy’s collections and individual works of wildlife, figurative and abstractions. Available to purchase now in both standard hardback and Limited Edition.


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